October 12, 2018

Mt. Hermon Teen Charged With Burglary

On Monday (October 8, 2018) an observant Mt. Hermon neighbor saw a suspicious person walking around a nearby residence and then heard the sound of glass breaking. The neighbor called the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Justin Blackwell responded to the scene. It was discovered that the residence had been burglarized and various items, including firearms, were missing.

The suspicious person was identified as Colby Stokes (17) of Mt. Hermon. Deputy Blackwell began the search and observed Stokes riding in a vehicle being driven by another person. He made a traffic stop, arrested Stokes for Burglary of an Inhabited Residence, and recovered the stolen property.

Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal commended Deputy Blackwell for “a job well done.” The Sheriff went on to say, “The observant eye of a good neighbor was a key to solving this crime quickly. This is a great example of the importance of neighbors looking out for each other. Not only did the neighbor observe suspicious behavior, but also he took the important step of notifying the Sheriff’s Office.”

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