August 30, 2018

Franklinton Aldermen Action on Blighted Properties

In a further effort to address blighted properties in the Town of Franklinton, the Franklinton Board of
Aldermen voted Tuesday (August 28, 2018) to publish the below letter. To watch video of meeting, click here. Discussion about the blighted property issue begins at 15:10 into the meetings.

"While a small group in Franklinton has already received letters from Franklinton Town Hall requiring their property be cleaned up, the ordinances that enforce landowners to clean up blighted properties will be more strictly enforced in the near future. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen along with the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer will begin enforcing ordinances that have been on the books for many years.

The Town realizes that the problem of blight didn’t happen overnight and won’t be corrected overnight, but a start to correct the problem must begin. Initial letters will require landowners to perform tasks such as mowing grass on their properties and removing other wild growth such as vines. Chapter 21 of the Town’s Code of Ordinances also addresses “junk, trash, garbage, debris, discarded or unused objects, equipment, machinery appliances and other unsightly accumulations.”

Chapter 21 also applies to a property owner or occupant who has “junked, wrecked, partially dismantled, discarded or otherwise nonoperating motor vehicles” on property for longer than 10 days.

Owners of blighted property will be given a 20 day written notice from the Town to address their problem of blight. If property owners or occupants fail to comply after 20 days, “the Town shall take the necessary action to cut said grass, weeds or other wild growth, and charge the cost thereof to the said property owner or occupant by adding the same to his water bill or real estate tax, whichever is more convenient for the town.”

Violators who fail to comply after 20 days “shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined an amount not exceeding two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) or be imprisoned in the parish jail for a period not exceeding ten (10) days, or be required to perform community service for a period not exceeding ten (10) days.” Violators will appear before the Town Magistrate who will determine penalties.

The Town of Franklinton asks all property owners or occupants to begin voluntarily complying with these rules. To find Chapter 21 in its entirety, please go to and click “Code of Ordinances” near the top left of the website."

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