July 03, 2018

Washington Parish Jail Bookings for July 2, 2018

Efrem Williams was booked 07/02 on the charges of No Seat Belt Expired License Plate, Resisting an Officer (2 counts), Improper Lane Useage, Speed Unsafe for Road Conditions, Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Damage to Property Under 500, Aggravated Flight From an Officer, No Proof of Insurance, Failure to Appear, Fugitive Other Jurisdiction, and Failure to Comply With Sex Offender Registration Requirements
Brandon Rimkus was booked 07/02 on the charges of Domestic Abuse Battery, and Domestic Abuse/Child Endangerment (4 counts)
Christopher Flot was booked 07/02 on the charge of Aggravate Burglary
Andrew Booker was booked 07/02 on the charges of Failure to Appear and Failure to Pay Fine
Barrical Harris was booked 07/02 In From Court
George Milanez was booked 07/02 In For Court

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