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September 12, 2017

Sheriff Seal on Drive-By Shooting Investigation in Mt. Hermon and Richardson Communities

Today, Sheriff Randy Seal gave insight into the investigation of the drive-by shootings that occurred on April 11, 2017 in the Mt. Hermon and Richardson communities. The investigation resulted in the arrests of Dakota Tetreau (age 19), Bailey Koon (age 17), and Desmond Warren (age 18). Select "Read More" below the video for the text of his Press Release.

Sheriff Seal on Drive By Shootings 09112017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.



SEPTEMBER 11, 2017



On April 11, 2017, at approximately 3:30 a.m., the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office received the first call of a residence being struck by gunfire. This was quickly followed by other calls stating that more houses also had been struck by gunfire.

Our patrol division and detectives responded to the scene and quickly began collecting witness statements and evidence from each scene. Witness statements revealed that a 3 year old, an 8 year old and two adults were almost struck by bullets penetrating their homes.

Shell casings and shell boxes were recovered from these scenes and sent to the Louisiana State Crime Lab for processing. A warrant also was obtained to gather call records from the Mt. Hermon cell tower. In the following days, tips began coming in. Each of those leads was followed, resulting in multiple people being called in or picked up and interviewed. Each person eventually was ruled out using DNA, fingerprints, or polygraphs.

In June, the investigation stalled with few leads coming in. At this time it was decided the case should be spearheaded by one investigator with support from all other detectives and other divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. Detective Sgt. Jimmy Seals began frequenting parking lots

within the Franklinton city limits to talk with teens that regularly gather there. The teens were made aware of the shootings that the Sheriff’s Office felt were committed by juveniles. Each was asked to give any information they may have in reference to possible suspects.

Soon thereafter, leads and names started coming in. A list was made and each name was thoroughly investigated. Each person was interviewed. Towards the end of July, the name of a person was given, stating that he had knowledge of the shootings.

In the course of investigating that person, other names began to surface; namely, Desmond Warren and Bailey Koon. In early September, a cell phone number was located for Desmond Warren and entered into the cell tower information. The entry showed Warren’s phone had “hit” the cell tower approximately 43 times within the known time frame of the shootings. Using this information, a warrant was obtained to seize Warren’s cell phone, along with DNA samples and fingerprints.

On September 7, contact was made with the mother of Desmond Warren, advising her that he was needed for an interview in reference to the April 11 shootings. On September 8, Desmond Warren and his father came to the Sheriff’s Office in Franklinton. Both were advised of the need to interview Desmond and both agreed to the interview.

During the interview, Desmond Warren, age 18, stated that he, Bailey Koon, age 17, and Dakota Tetreau, age 19, were the ones who did the shootings. Desmond stated also that Bailey Koon was the driver of his mother’s Nissan Altima, Dakota Tetreau was the front seat passenger and he was in the rear seat. He revealed that weapons used were a .22 long rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and a 410 gauge shotgun.

On the strength of Desmond’s statement, detectives obtained arrest warrants for all three persons and immediately began to search for Bailey Koon and Dakota Tetreau. Within a couple of hours, both young men were located together at an address in the Richardson community.

At that time, Koon and Tetreau were taken into custody. A search warrant was obtained for the residence where they were located. Detectives searched the house and found a 12 gauge shotgun and a .22 lever action rifle.

Bailey Koon and Dakota Tetreau were transported to the Sheriff’s Office where they were interviewed and arrested. During the interviews, both gave voluntary confessions and detectives learned a .22 semi-automatic pistol was also used in the shootings. The pistol, along with a 410 gauge shotgun, was recovered from the parents of Desmond Warren. In total, four weapons were seized and they are presented here today.

The interviews produced voluntary confessions that each of the young men participated in some manner in the shootings. Each confessed to shooting mailboxes and road signs, but pointed to the others as the ones who shot into the residences.

None of the subjects could or would give a reason why the shootings happened, other than stating they were being careless and stupid.

Each person has been booked into the Washington Parish Jail on the following charges:

Ø 18 counts of aggravated assault by drive by shooting

Ø 18 counts of terrorizing

Ø 4 counts of attempted manslaughter

Ø 22 counts of aggravated criminal damage to property

Ø 22 counts of shooting a firearm from a moving vehicle

At this time, there are no other suspects; however, the investigation is ongoing. Fingerprints and DNA samples have been submitted to the crime lab.

I hope the good citizens of these rural communities can sleep better, knowing the shooters have been arrested. I am so grateful for the cooperation of all persons during this investigation, and I give special thanks and kudos to our fine deputies and detectives, particularly Jimmy Seals who was the lead investigator.

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