August 04, 2017

Bogalusa Council: New Fire Truck – Specialty Attorney Approved

At the Bogalusa City Council meeting Tuesday (August 1, 2017), Mayor Perrette presented a 50-Year Anniversary Certificate to Josh Stogner with Double D Meat, Inc., an ordinance was introduced to approve a Cooperative Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs, a Public Hearing was held and then the Council approved an ordinance to hire Briney Foret Corry, LLP as the City's Civil Service Attorney, and a Public Hearing was held and then the Council approved an ordinance to acquire a new fire truck. 
Regarding the fire truck acquisition, Fire Chief Moody remarked that the truck was much needed and is the first new fire truck purchased since 2009. Cost of the truck is $376,062.25 and will be financed at the rate of approximately 2.8%. The vote to approve was unanimous.
The hiring of a Civil Service Attorney has been discussed at previous meetings. Opponents point to the added cost to the City and say City Attorney Dale Branch can perform the work needed. However, Mr. Branch, and others, explained that civil service appeals is a specialty area of attorney work and recommended the hiring. In the end, the Council voted to approve the hiring with Councilwoman Kates and Councilman McCree voting against it. (See the video beginning at 10:40 into the meeting)
During Public Participation (beginning at 33:00 into the video of the meeting), residents Terry Quinn, Melvin Taylor, and Malcom Moses spoke.

Bogalusa Council 08012017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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