August 21, 2017

2-year-old Slidell Toddler Drowns in Pool

A family gathering in Slidell turned tragic Saturday evening (August 19, 2017) after a 2-year-old girl drowned. Desperate attempts were made to revive the toddler by both family members and medical personnel after family members found their 2-year-old daughter in the bottom of their swimming pool.  Unfortunately, the young girl was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital later Saturday evening.
According to witnesses, the 2-year-old was out of sight for just a few seconds when she apparently fell into the pool. 
Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal says, “This is any parents worse nightmare. Some question how something like this could happen, but we’ve seen it time and time again. Tragedy strikes so quickly…even within a few seconds, no matter how careful you are. When a tragic incident like this happens, it affects everyone in the community, including the first responders. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. They will need all the support they can get during this difficult time.”

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