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July 23, 2019

Husband and Wife Arrested on Rape Charges

A husband and wife, residents of Barringer Road in Lacombe, are in custody charged with sexual offenses against a child under the age of twelve. The arrests are the result of an investigation by Detective Demmie Rice of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office and the St. Tammany Department of Children and Family Services.

Krystal Ezell (33), who had a previous Washington Parish address on Plymouth Lane near Franklinton, was arrested by the STPSO for the offenses which occurred in Washington Parish, and then brought to the Washington Parish Jail by the WPSO. She was jailed on July 20th, charged with three counts of first degree aggravated rape and contempt of court. Her bond has been set at $500,000.

Keith Allen Ezell, Jr. (38), who had a previous Washington Parish address on Dogwood Valley Road, also was arrested by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office and remains in the St. Tammany Parish Jail charged with being a fugitive from Washington Parish and two misdemeanor offenses. When he is cleared in St. Tammany Parish, he will be transferred to the Washington Parish Jail where he will face three charges of first degree aggravated rape. His bond on those charges will be set once he is housed in the Washington Parish Jail.

“I cannot adequately describe my emotions regarding cases such as this,” stated Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal. “As a father and grandfather, I cannot imagine such despicable acts against children. I appreciate Detective Rice once again handling a very sensitive matter and putting the guilty parties in jail.”

NOTE: As per the very sensitive nature of these crimes against a young child, and in an effort to protect the identity of the child, no further information will be released.


  1. IT is amazing how the sheriff has already pronounced sentence even though the defendants haven't been to trial yet, and been found guilty by a jury of their peers.If they did do what they have been accused of, then they need to pay the piper, but it is not up to the sheriff to pronounce a verdict without them going to trial. He said above, "I appreciate Detective Rice once again handling a very sensitive matter and putting the guilty parties in jail.” He seems to forget that a accusation is not a verdict, and that even if they were indicted by a grand jury, it is still a accusation. We know that accusers lie all the time, whether they are kids or not. SO until the a jury finds them guilty, or they confess, or are found guilty by a bench trial, then they are presumed innocent until "Proven guilty", in a court of law, not in accordance with the sheriff's theory or opinion. That's why there is a trial, and the trier in fact needs to produce facts (not fluff), to prove their case, but they are not tried here on social media or in the sheriffs office.

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