April 08, 2019

Sheriff Seal: National Crime Victims' Rights Week

Sheriff Randy Seal asks all Washington Parish residents to join him in remembering victims of crime
during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week which is celebrated the week of April 7, 2019, throughout our nation.

According to the most recent crime victimization survey, United States’ households were victimized by 13.3 million property crimes in 2017 and residents twelve years of age or older experienced 3.1 million violent instances of victimization.

Children also are victims of crime, with national statistics indicating a very large number of children are either victims or witnesses to violence annually. In addition, untold numbers of children are victimized by the effects of the ongoing opioid crisis. Bullying and mistreatment by a parent, caregiver, or other adult are forms of victimization that jeopardize a child’s health, ability to succeed in school, and capability to contribute positively to their community.

“All too often,” said Sheriff Seal, “victims of crime are the least recognized persons in the criminal justice process. While much attention is given to those who commit crimes, too little attention and support is offered to crime victims. Join me, please, in honoring victims of crime during this special week of emphasis. Let’s be good neighbors to all persons who are victims of crime.”

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