November 26, 2018

Washington Parish Trio Arrested for Violent Crimes

Three Washington Parish residents were charged November 17, 2018 with attempted robbery with a gun and aggravated assault. Bonds of $150,000 are set for each of the suspects. Those arrested are Jeramie Stephen Young (27), a resident of Cutrer Lane in Bogalusa, Diane Tramontana (21), a resident of Pigott’s Crossing north of Bogalusa, and Waymon Eric Singley (34), also a resident of Pigott’s Crossing.

On November 16 a resident on Hwy. 1075 answered a knock on his door and encountered Diane Tramontana who asked him to step outside and talk. He did and encountered Jeramie Young who was wearing a mask. As the resident attempted to use his cell phone, Young struck him in the head with a shotgun. Both Young and Tramontana ran a short distance before getting into a pickup truck being driven by Waymon Singley.

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol Sergeant David Cupp responded and learned that the resident had recognized Young’s voice during the encounter. Sgt. Cupp, Deputy Brad Williams and Detective Captain Tom Anderson went to the last known address for Young. There they found Young and Tramontana. A truck matching the description of the getaway vehicle was in the driveway and the hood was warm to the touch. Young and Tramontana were arrested. It was learned that Singley, who had left on foot, was the getaway driver. He was located at another location and taken into custody. The weapon used in the attempted robbery was located underneath the residence and was wrapped in a black sweat shirt. The shotgun was a realistic looking replica of a 12 gauge shotgun.

Sheriff Randy Seal praised the officers who made the arrests. “A quick response to the scene of the attempted robbery and to the residence of the suspects solved this case quickly. Our officers did an outstanding job in wrapping this one up within a matter of hours. I thank them for their good work. The three who were arrested are now where they belong. That is why we have a jail, to provide safekeeping for those persons who pose a threat to the honest residents of our parish.”

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