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November 29, 2018

An Open Letter to The Wall Volunteers

Just a couple of weeks ago our community was privileged to host The Wall that Heals at the Fairgrounds in Franklinton. This event was a first for our area and new ground for those of us on the Host Committee. We knew at the onset it would take sufficient donations to pay for the cost of bringing The Wall here and sufficient volunteers to welcome visitors during that time.

Now that the event is over, we can say that those needs were more than met. The challenge now is to let everyone know how much that help is appreciated. Simply put -

Thank you to the people of Washington Parish and surrounding parishes for stepping up to volunteer, for donating to the effort and for meeting absolutely every need that came up. Thank you for lining the streets as The Wall arrived in town, it was a beautiful welcome.

Thanks to churches for providing meals to our set up and take down crews.
Thank you members of JROTC units and all student groups, JAG and American Heritage Girls for being examples of the next generation’s respect of our veterans.
Thank you to Incarcerated Veterans from Angola and Rayburn for setting up and taking down The Wall with such respect.
Thank you to American Legions and VFWs for spreading the word and being so helpful and supportive in every way.
Thanks to teachers for setting up field trips for students.
Thank you to officers of all military branches for laying the wreaths and pinning our veterans.
Thank you to the elected officials, special guests and active duty military for reading the Louisiana names from The Wall on Saturday night.
Thanks to musicians for sharing their talent of voice, violin, bagpipe or bugle.
Thanks to the pilot and crew for flying the B52 at the opening.
Thanks to law enforcement and fire departments for their assistance throughout the visit and during the escort into town.
Thanks to WST employees for providing power to The Wall and for bucket trucks when needed.
Thank you to the photographers who preserved images for future generations to see.
Thank you, Pearl River Recreation District, for a beautiful start on Tuesday morning for the arrival of The Wall and start of the escort.
Thanks to the Washington Parish Fair Association for use of the fairgrounds and help throughout every question.
Thank you to citizens who loaned plants, golf carts, heaters, tents, and flags.
Thanks to the Louisiana National Guard for their presence.
Thanks to Louisiana Veterans Affairs for being available to our veterans during the visit. Thanks to all for buying t shirts and wearing them proudly.
Thanks to businesses for printing handouts and preparing food.
Thanks to each volunteer for making visitors feel welcome and each of you for giving the veterans a Welcome Home.

Thank you, veterans, for sharing your stories and history with us as we stood at The Wall, we won’t forget. Thank you for making this visit a memory for all - from youngsters to our oldest veterans.

What an honor this experience has been and such an example of what we are capable of when we work together.

Thank you for the privilege of seeing this effort become a reality.

Bring The Wall to our Veterans Committee
Beth Mizell, Chairman
Lynette Sharp, Co-Chairman
Phillipp Bedwell
Lisa Holliday
Marianne Huval
Tammy Magruder
Joannie Miller
Joey Roberts

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