May 25, 2018

Bogalusa Woman Allegedly Sets Fire After Eviction

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal arrested Sandra A. Luter (48) of Bogalusa Thursday, (May 24, 2018) for allegedly setting her apartment unit on fire following eviction.
The OSFM and ATF responded to the 1000 block of Union Avenue in Bogalusa. Several apartment units received smoke and flame damage that took the Bogalusa Fire Department an hour to extinguish. The structure was deemed a total loss.
Investigators learned Luter had been evicted the day before and was given 24 hours to leave. Luter reportedly confessed that she lit a shirt on fire in her utility room because she was mad.
Additional charges at the federal level are possible due to the fire involving government housing.

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  1. BFD wasn’t the onliest fire department on the scene of that fire Washington Parish fire district 6 along with WPFD 7 was on scene