April 06, 2018

Current Telephone Scam in Washington Parish

Several Washington Parish residents have reported receiving telephone calls from a person identifying himself as a detective with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and demanding that money be paid to avoid arrest. The number displayed on the caller ID is the actual number for the Sheriff’s Office, but it is not the Sheriff’s Office calling.
This is a scam. The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office does not call anyone to demand that money be paid to avoid arrest. The Sheriff’s Office never calls any person on the telephone to collect money.
Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “This is a scam! If you get a telephone call demanding or asking for money, hang up. It is not your Sheriff’s Office calling. The person placing the call does not work for the Sheriff’s Office and does not represent the Sheriff’s Office. Just hang up the telephone. If you have any questions about a suspicious call you receive, you can call us at (985) 839-3434.”

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