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July 26, 2017

Husband and Wife Charged With Kidnapping in Washington Parish

Shortly before midnight on Friday (July 21, 2017), Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies responded to a report of a possible kidnapping on A. Moses Road in Angie. When deputies arrived at the location, they observed a female standing in the front yard and screaming hysterically, alleging that her son had been kidnapped by his biological father. The female, who had a bloody knee and abrasions, said that Keenan Argene Moses (31), a resident of Live Oak Cemetery Road in Angie, had come to her house, grabbed her young son and forced him into the rear of an automobile driven by his wife, Christin Eve Moses (25), also a resident of Live Oak Cemetery Road.

The female stated she attempted to retrieve her son from the vehicle, at which time Keenan Moses knocked her to the ground and began striking her. The child exited the car and ran into the house. Keenan Moses then retrieved a handgun from the vehicle and forced his way into the residence where the mother and three other children were located and held the handgun to the mother’s head. Keenan Moses grabbed the child and returned to the car, placing the child in the rear seat. The mother followed and attempted to get the child out of the car, but Christen Moses locked the car doors and drove off with Keenan Moses and the child in the car.

After collecting statements from the mother and children who were witnesses, Sgt. David Cupp contacted Christen Moses and she agreed to meet him at a location in Varnado. She stated that Keenan Moses was headed to the hospital in Bogalusa to have the boy checked for an alleged injury. The Bogalusa Police Department was advised of the situation and sent an officer to the hospital where medical staff advised that Keenan Moses had not been there. Meanwhile, Sgt. Cupp met Christen Moses in Varnado and placed her under arrest.

Patrol deputy Stan Heinrich went to the Bogalusa hospital to wait and see if Keenan Moses arrived. He did not. However, the father of Keenan Moses arrived with the boy who had been kidnapped. The father was unaware of what had occurred earlier and only brought to the boy to the hospital because Keenan Moses had asked him to do so. The boy was examined by medical personnel who determined he did not have an injury as alleged. The mother of the child was advised to come to the Sheriff’s Office in Bogalusa to pick up her son.

The father of Keenan Moses was asked to contact Keenan Moses and ask him to come to the Sheriff’s Office in Bogalusa. The father did so and Keenan Moses stated he would be there in fifteen minutes. After waiting a couple of hours for Keenan Moses to turn himself in, deputies obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Mid-afternoon on July 22, 2017, Varnado Police Chief Adams advised Deputy Heinrich that Keenan Moses was at his residence on Live Oak Cemetery Road and wanted to turn himself in. Sgt. Cupp, Deputy Heinrich and Chief Adams went to the residence and took Keenan Moses taken into custody without incident.

Keenan Argene Moses is charged with home invasion, aggravated kidnapping, simple battery and being a fugitive from St. Tammany Parish where he is wanted for failure to appear on a marijuana charge. Christen Eve Moses is charged with aggravated kidnapping.

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