February 01, 2017

D.A.’s Bogalusa Juvenile Program Van Gets Upgrades

District Attorney Warren Montgomery’s juvenile community service program in Bogalusa benefitted recently from new safety features added to its van by the City Prosecutor’s Office.
The van is used to transport juveniles under court supervision to pick up litter throughout Bogalusa as part of the youths’ punishment. City Prosecutor David Merlin Duke financed the installation of lettering across the vehicle’s sides and most recently a caution light bar atop it to alert motorists.
The surplus van was donated a couple of years ago by the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center which is supervised in Bogalusa by Mike Breland. The program’s previous van was at least 30 years old.
The public officials in the attached photo are (from left to right): David Merlin Duke, Bogalusa City Prosecutor; Tonia Deleon, Juvenile Court Clerk; City Court Judge Robert J. Black; District Attorney Warren Montgomery; Darrell Darden, Juvenile Investigator; Joseph Dominick, Executive Director, Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center; Mike Breland, Supervisor, Juvenile Community Service Program.

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