February 06, 2017

Burglar Wore Ankle Monitor to Residential Burglary

A New Orleans man is under arrest after traveling from New Orleans to Slidell to commit a residential burglary. There was just one problem; the ankle monitor he was wearing was equipped with a GPS.
John Davis (56) was arrested for burglarizing a residence, where he stole jewelry, electronics and firearms. Following up on a tip, Slidell Police Detectives began to look into John Davis as a potential suspect. Detectives learned that Davis was wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of bond following an arrest in New Orleans and that Davis' monitor pinged nine times at the residence where the burglary took place.  
Armed with information from the ankle monitor, Slidell Police Detectives and members of the Louisiana State Police traveled to New Orleans and arrested John Davis. Some of the stolen property has been recovered, but detectives are asking that if anyone has information, please contact the Slidell Police Department or Crime Stoppers.


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